Thanks for a Fantastic SLCC 2011!

SLCC – Truly a Community Event!

Many of our organizers are still traveling and we’ve got a ton of emails, tweets, pictures, posts, videos and more to catch up on, but we wanted to send a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Second Life Community Convention 2011 this year, whether you were in Oakland, in Second Life, or on the web!

Thank you for making this year’s convention a terrific success and for helping us connect the community no matter where they were – through Twitter and Plurk and in-world, the conversation extended far beyond the walls of the Oakland Marriott City Center and that’s what makes SLCC and the Second Life community something special.

SLCC 2011 during CEO Rod Humble (SL: Rodvik Linden) keynote.  Image courtesy Richard Finkelstein (SL: Leko Littlebird).  Check out his other great shots from SLCC!

We’ll be compiling all of the video and slide archives from our speakers over the next few days and hope to have that ready for you by the weekend, but in the meantime, you can catch up on some of the buzz in the metaverse about SLCC 2011 from attendees and others – spread the link love and thanks to all who covered the event!

Blog Posts Coverage & Recaps

To see the recaps in a nice visual format, check out our curated topic on – Coverage of the Second Life Community Convention 2011 curated by Fleep Tuque.  But we want to link directly to the posts too, let us know what we missed in the comments!


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Ozimal Stats: Virtual Animal Business in Second Life Has 1000s of Customers, 30 Employees & 1 Blind Lead Developer – New World Notes

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SLCC 2011 Saturday Notes & Pix – Sitearm

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SLCC On the Future of Second Life Commerce – Ciaran Laval

SLCC Wrap Up - Sand Castle Studios

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Thanks, SLCC!  See you next year! – Betterverse: Nonprofits in the Virtual World

Top 5 Highlights of Rod Humble’s SLCC Keynote – Sand Castle Studios

The Future of Mesh: Key Points from SLCC’s Mesh Panel – Sand Castle Studios

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Video, Slides and Links from My Keynote “We Built this City” at SLCC 2011 – Betterverse: Nonprofits in the Virtual World

Why So Few People Using SL at SLCC? Probably Because They’re Using Social Media Instead – New World Notes


Pictures & Snapshots

Lots of folks coming back from Oakland haven’t had a chance to upload their photos yet, but some are starting to come in.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Caliburn Susanto’s snapshots from in-world (Flickr)

Chimera Cosmos snaps from Oakland (Yfrog)

Daniel Voyager’s snapshots from in-world (Flickr)

Draxtor Dupres shots (Yfrog)

Fleep Tuque’s Oakland snaps (Flickr)

=IcaruS= in-world snaps (Flickr)

Leko Littlebird’s super high res, super awesome Oakland shots (Smugmug)

Molly Montale’s in-world snaps (Flickr)

Rik Riek’s Oakland snaps (Flickr)

Russel Boyd’s in-world snaps (Flickr)

Simon Kline’s in-world snaps (Flickr)

Sitearm Madonna’s Oakland shots (Flickr)

Stroker Serpentine’s Oakland snaps (Flickr)

Wildstar Beaumont’s pix from in-world (Flickr)

Videos & Machinima

We posted Draxtor’s awesome 5 minute SLCC 2011 video wrap up at the top, but we’ll be adding other videos to the SLCC YouTube Channel, so stop by there to see more video coverage as the clips go up!


If we missed something you’ve created about SLCC 2011, be sure to tag it #SLCC or #SLCC11 or add it in the comments below, and any snapshots of photos can be added to the Second Life Community Convention Flickr Group  so we can collate all of the terrific images from the convention in Oakland and in world in one place!

More to come when we’ve caught up on sleep and all of the feedback – thanks again to everyone and we can’t wait to see you in-world soon!

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Welcome to the Convention!

The 7th annual Second Life Community Convention 2011 begins today!

Image courtesy Sitearm.

Volunteers arrived early and helped stuff bags on Thursday evening while organizers and staff got ready to open registration early on Friday morning.

Be sure to visit the FULL ONLINE SCHEDULE for all the latest events, times and locations, including social events in Oakland!

Those attending SLCC remotely can check out the IN-WORLD PAGE for SLurls, schedules, streaming video, and more information for virtual attendees.

All Keynotes & General Sessions, and most breakout sessions will also be streamed through UStream.  Visit the LIVE STREAMING link to view the latest video, with more to come when the programming begins Saturday morning!

Many thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors and staff and volunteers, and we hope you enjoy SLCC 2011!

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Countdown to SLCC 11 – 4 Days!

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With only four days left until the start of the Second Life Community Convention 2011, here’s a quick update on last minute planning tips for those attending the convention either in Oakland or in-world!

Remember to Personalize Your Schedule

Whether you’re heading to Oakland or plan to watch the streams on the web or in Second Life, be sure to create or log into your personal account at to set up your own personal schedule of events.  Check off the events you plan to attend to let your friends know which sessions you’re interested in, and print off your personalized schedule or view it on your mobile device or smart phone on the go!  Note that events that will only take place in Oakland are in blue, and events that will only take place in Second Life are in grey – everything else will be streamed in-world and on the web via Ustream.

We’re especially looking forward to the four keynote sessions and the 50+ speakers in over 30 breakout sessions on Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to check which sessions you plan to attend!

Heading to Oakland?  Plan a Social Event!

We’re still accepting last minute birds-of-a-feather dinners, meetups, and social events organized by attendees, just fill out the Social Events & Mixers form and we’ll add your event to the schedule!  We’ve left spots open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings for attendee organized dinners and social events, so be sure to let your friends know where you’re headed.

Saturday evening’s live music will feature Dead Cat Hat,
veteran performers in Second Life and the Bay Area!

Not to be missed on Friday afternoon are the AvaCon Meet & Greet mixer, film screenings of the Emmy nominated “Deep Down: A Story from the Heart of Coal Country” and “When Strangers Click”, the Saturday evening live music and cash bar featuring music from Dead Cat Hat and DJ Armath Severine, and the concluding film screening of “My Avatar & Me” on Sunday night to close out the convention – all great opportunities to see top notch work by Second Life Residents and artists while networking and socializing with friends!

Oakland Travel Tips

Just a reminder, too, before you hop on a plane or head out the door, we’ve put together a number of terrific resources to help make your travel experience a pleasant one, so be sure to check out the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles page as well as the In & Around Oakland pages to help you finalize the details for your trip.  All events will of course take place at the Oakland Marriott City Center and the Concierge staff there will also be happy to help answer any questions you may have about local travel and accommodations.

Attending SLCC Virtually – In-World or on the Web

The Central Landing Point on the SLCC sims.

For those who can’t make it to Oakland this year, we plan to stream the Keynote Sessions and most of the Breakout Sessions both on the web via UStream and to the in-world SLCC sims!  Be sure to visit the sims early to get a sense of where things are located, and to admire the terrific work of our building team who introduced three new Oakland landmarks to the sims, including the Fox Theater where the Development & Open Source track sessions will be streamed, the Bradbury Building, which will house Public Service & Education sessions, and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), where both the Artistic & Creative Expression and Social Experience & Communities track sessions will be held.  Commerce & Marketing sessions will continue to be in Faneuil Hall as they were last year, and of course Keynotes and General Sesssions will be streamed to The Hatch near the Central Landing Point in the center of the 4 sims.

If for some reason you can’t log into Second Life to experience the virtual SLCC with other Residents, you can also just view the streams directly on the web via our UStream channels, too!

Looking Forward to a Great Convention!

The AvaCon Board of Directors, Staff, and the SLCC Track Leaders, In-World Team, and Volunteers all wish you happy travels or preparations for the Second Life Community Convention 2011 – and we can’t wait to see you in person in Oakland or in the SLCC sims in Second Life!   See you soon and have a safe trip!

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SLCC 2011 Full Schedule Announced & Other Updates!

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We are excited to announce the full schedule for the Second Life Community Convention 2011!

Visit the “Schedule” link on our website, or view the schedule directly at to see the full line up of convention events, social events and mixers, keynote presentations, panels, breakout sessions, and more!

This year we opted to use a terrific service called to help our attendees view all of the options, and we’ll be integrating that with EventBrite so all registered attendees can have an account to create their own customized, personal schedules!  If you’re registered for the convention, keep an eye on your email for your invitation – then you can choose your own personalized schedule and print it out, send it to your online calendar, or even view it on your mobile smart phone or tablet!

Note that in-world attendees can use the site, too, and we’ve even provided the links to the UStream channels and SLurls for in-world venues for maximum convenience! (In-world attendees will have to sign up for their accounts manually, more to come on in-world events soon!)

Hotel Discount Expires Tomorrow, 7/29

Just a reminder, the group rate discount at the Oakland Marriott City Center expires tomorrow, so be sure to register now and book your hotel room ASAP to take advantage of the $109 a night rate and free wireless internet access!   Remember, up to 4 people can stay in one room, and some folks are still looking for roomates, too!

Volunteers Needed in Oakland

Finally, we could use some more help with things like bag stuffing, running the registration desk, and helping with security and traffic flow.  If you would be willing to donate a couple of hours of your time, please visit the Volunteer Schedule Sign-Up to let us know what hours you can help and we will be super appreciative!

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you in Oakland!

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Announcing SLCC 2011 Keynote Speakers

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Saturday AM Keynote Speaker
Rik Panganiban (SL: Rik Riel)

We Built This City: Creating a Better World
8AM to 9AM PDT, August 13, 2011

Rik Panganiban will give a rousing opening keynote, highlighting some of the coolest applications of Second Life toward bettering the human condition and saving the planet. He will also address some of the current and upcoming challenges facing the “public good” sector in virtual worlds.  Rik is a peripatetic explorer of the intersection of virtual worlds and civil society, which you can follow on his site He has worked for several innovative virtual world institutions including TechSoup Global, Global Kids and the Electric Sheep Company, developing cutting edge non-profit and educational projects in multiple worlds and across the social web.

Saturday PM Keynote Speaker
Rod Humble (SL: Rodvik Linden)

The Future of Second Life
1PM to 2PM PDT, August 13, 2011

Rod Humble is Chief Executive Officer at Linden Lab, and he leads the company’s strategy and the development of Second Life. Humble’s 20-year career in the game development industry has included work on more than 200 games. He joined Linden Lab from Electronic Arts, where, in his role as Executive Vice President, he led the EA Play label, which includes the best-selling PC game franchise of all time, The Sims. In 2009, he was ranked #2 on the annual list of the Hot 100 Game Developers from gaming publication Edge. Prior to his work at Electronic Arts, Humble served as Vice President of Product Development at Sony Online Entertainment for the massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) EverQuest.  You can follow him on Twitter @rodvik.

Sunday AM Keynote Speaker
Aliza Sherman (SL: Cybergrrl Oh)

FutureMobileGeekyTech ~ Our Virtual Lives
8AM to 9PM PDT, August 14, 2011

Aliza will address the future of virtual worlds in the ecosystem of social media and its impact upon our virtual (and real!) lives.  Aliza Sherman is a Web pioneer, digital strategist, and social mobile media innovator and commentator. She speaks around the world and writes about social and mobile media and marketing, practical uses of new technologies, and women’s technology and business issues. In Second Life, she is Cybergrrl Oh and celebrates her 5th Rez Day in March 2012.

Sunday PM Keynote Panel

John Laurence (SL: Durian Linden), Jeff Vogt (SL: Vogt Linden), Sarah Kuehnle (SL: Esbee Linden), and Michael Gesner (SL: Gez Linden).   Moderated by Peter Gray (SL: Peter Linden).

The Future of the Second Life Platform
1PM to 2PM PDT, August 14, 2011

Linden Lab Senior Director of Consumer Product, John Laurence (SL: Durian Linden), Senior Director of Business Product, Jeff Vogt (SL: Vogt Linden), Senior Producer, Sarah Kuehnle (SL: Esbee Linden), and Senior Producer, Michael Gesner (SL: Gez Linden) will discuss current topics relevant to how you experience the Second Life Platform. Moderated by Peter Gray (SL: Peter Linden), Linden Lab PR Manager.

John Laurence is Senior Director, Consumer Product at Linden Lab. John joined Linden in 2011 with eleven years of experience in the gaming industry, primarily with Role-Playing Games and Massively Mulitplayer Online Games, most recently at Sony Online Entertainment. He loves everything about games, most notably 3D games and the craft of making 3D art and animations. John is a collector of obscure Japanese video games, is fluent in Chinese, a self-professed “massive fan” of car racing and an amateur go-karter.

Jeff Vogt is Senior Director, Business Product at Linden Lab. Jeff oversees all strategies, plans and new business initiatives to expand the Second Life economy and better enable Second Life Residents to grow their businesses on the SL platform.  In his prior roles at Linden Jeff led the company’s Customer Support organization and Technology Business Operations group where he drove the business and operations management efforts to scale the SL infrastructure. His background is in business development and operations management for consumer internet services and technology service providers.

Sarah Kuehnle is a Senior Producer at Linden Lab, where she leads efforts to optimize the viewer experience. Sarah is a long-time Second Life Resident and loves to build, script, and explore the grid. Her background in web design and development has included interactive experiences for Dodge, Coca Cola, Sony, Gap, and others. In her free time, Sarah is an illustrator and aspiring vinyl toy designer, avid gamer, indie game developer, and cyclist determined to conquer the hills of San Francisco.

Michael Gesner is Executive Producer, Consumer Product at Linden Lab where he has focused his efforts on developing new inworld experiences for new and existing residents.  Michael comes from a background in game development and production, where he founded his own contract game development studio, Dragonfly Game Design, worked as a Development Director for ImaginEngine/Foundation 9, and shipped over 30 titles, ranging from small casual games to multi-console titles.

Peter Gray (Pete Linden) is PR Manager at Linden Lab. His job includes connecting with journalists from around the world (and inworld) to share great stories and information about Second Life and Linden Lab, so he’s always looking for users open to sharing what they love about Second Life with press. Before joining the Lab in 2009, he worked at a global public relations consultancy focused on technology startups. Peter will moderate the keynote panel.

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Second Life Community Convention 2011 Registration Now Open!

Oakland city skyline at night.  Image courtesy:

We are excited to announce that the 7th Annual Second Life Community Convention 2011 will take place at the Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland, CA from August 12-14, 2011, and registration is now open!

The Second Life Community Convention is three days of exciting activities, events, musical performances, machinima screenings, panels, workshops, and much more that showcases the abundant creativity of Second Life Residents.

Don’t Just Attend, Be Part of the Convention

The Second Life Community Convention is more than just what we plan – the convention is also what you want to make it, so don’t just attend, share something with the community!

Submit a Proposal

The Call for Proposals is up, and with five new track themes and fun presentation formats, you have the opportunity to share your hard work and creativity with the community that will most appreciate your efforts.  Don’t want to give a full presentation?  Consider doing a Speed Sparks session of 20 slides in 5 minutes to share the gist of your idea in a fast-paced presentation style that was a huge hit last year!

Be a Staff Member, Track Leader, or Volunteer

We still have a few Staff and Track Leader positions open, and if you want to help run the show on the ground in Oakland or in-world, we invite you to join the team.  It’s easy to ask “Why don’t they do X?” but the real fun comes when you help make it happen!  Apply for a Staff or Track Leader position, or be an Oakland volunteer or In-World volunteer today!

Sponsor the Convention

If you have a product or service and want to get your message out to the most enthusiastic Second Life Residents, or if you just want to show your support, there’s no better place to spread the word than at the Second Life Community Convention.  We have many levels of sponsorship , so it’s more than affordable to help support this non-profit, community produced event – become a sponsor!

Organize a Social Event

We purposely keep the convention schedule light on Friday, August 12th to make sure there’s plenty of time for socializing and networking, and to give you the opportunity to organize your own fun events.  Check out the Social Events & Mixers page to organize a social event or outing for your friends and communities.  Need ideas for things to do?  We’ve put together a terrific guide of things to do In & Around Oakland to help you get started!

Planning Your Trip

We’ve also worked hard this year to help keep the cost of the convention affordable, and we have a number of resources available to help you plan your trip.

Reserve Your Room at the Oakland Marriott City Center

Photo courtesy SirgiousThe convention will be held at the Oakland Marriott City Center in the heart of downtown Oakland, CA – just a 10 minute train ride from San Francisco.  We’ve negotiated the best room rates we’ve ever gotten – $109 a night for up to quad occupancy, and free wireless internet access in guest rooms.  You must be registered for the convention to receive the group rate discount, and you will receive the link to reserve your rooms in the email confirmation you receive when you register for SLCC.

Note that lunch on Saturday and Sunday is included in your convention registration, as well as free wireless internet access in all convention spaces.

If you need information about flying, driving, or taking the train to SLCC, check out our transportation guide to get all the details you need to get to the convention.

Budgeting & Sharing Expenses to Reduce Costs

We’ve also created a guide to help you budget for your trip.  Visit the SLCC General Budget page to see a breakdown of convention expenses, a general budget guide to help you estimate costs for travel, and tips to help reduce the overall cost of the convention.

If you’re interested in sharing expenses on hotel rooms or travel, you can also find information to help you coordinate Finding a Roomate or Carpool.

Program Information Coming Soon

We look forward to announcing more details about the program sessions and keynote speakers in the coming weeks, and we hope you will join us for what promises to be a fun and thrilling three days of sharing, learning, and networking with Second Life Residents from around the world!

See you in Oakland!

Second Life Community Convention 2011 and Beyond

San Francisco, CA, where the Second Life Community Convention 2011 and future
conventions will be held in odd-numbered years.  Image courtesy: El Frito

Hello all and welcome to the planning process for the 7th Annual Second Life Community Convention 2011!

As many of you know, SLCC 2010 was a transitionary period as the previous convention organizers handed over the reigns to a newly formed non-profit organization created by Second Life residents and volunteers that we named AvaCon, Inc., an independent organization. There is often the misconception that the convention is run by Linden Lab – but it isn’t. SLCC is organized by the community for the community and we truly hope you will be a part of it.

Last year was a tremendous learning experience for us, and we’ve spent the months since the last convention planning to improve upon the overall convention experience for attendees at both the physical and in-world conventions. We have some new ideas that we’d like to share and we want to invite you to join us on the planning committee to help make this year’s convention a community event like never before!

Picking Permanent Cities – Boston & San Francisco

One of the things we’ve learned is that choosing a new city every year has a tremendous cost both for convention planners and attendees. Each year the convention planners have struggled to select a city that would be both affordable and accessible to a large contingent of Second Life Residents, but invariably some group of residents would feel left out and the uncertainty made it difficult for people to plan.

Beyond considerations of convenience, starting over from scratch in a new city every year also had other costs. The organizational overhead to establish new relationships with new venues and new vendors every year meant that we didn’t get better pricing deals on our events, which meant increasingly higher ticket costs, and the process to scout venues for appropriateness also meant long delays in being able to announce the locations and dates of the convention – something we know has been very frustrating for everyone!

Boston at night

Boston, MA, where the Second Life Community Convention 2012 and future
conventions will be held in even-numbered years.  Image courtesy: Manu_H

This year we are excited to announce what we call the “Bi-Coastal Convention Plan”. Moving forward, we plan to hold the convention in the Boston area in even numbered years, and in the San Francisco area in odd numbered years, and always in the first half of August (the first or second weekend, depending upon venue availability).

The reasons for this are pretty simple. It’s partly out of convenience, since AvaCon is headquartered in Boston and Linden Lab is headquartered in San Francisco, and limiting the number of states where we must apply for non-profit status to two helps us with the paperwork and ensures that we receive tax exemptions on many services for the convention which lowers your ticket costs. In addition, we also feel it is a very good thing to visit Linden Lab in their own back yard (so to speak) every couple of years to ensure that our voices are heard. SLCC is the one time a year where we gather as a community and speak not just with each other, but also with Linden Lab face-to-face and voice our passions, our creativity, and our concerns. We’ve also done extensive surveys of attendees and both Boston and San Francisco have been the highest rated cities. Finally, though no date is good for everyone, early August tends to catch the majority of Residents after summer vacations but before the start of the school year.

Of course this decision probably still won’t please everyone, but we believe that establishing a set schedule of convention cities and general dates will be of great benefit to the community and to the planning team. We’ll be able to negotiate much better pricing on hotels, venues, services, and A/V vendors if we can secure multi-year contracts, and this will in turn lower the cost of attendance for the community. In addition, if you want to attend, you’ll be able to start planning for the convention much earlier than before, even if you don’t know the specific dates right away.

We hope that this will eliminate those long winter months of wondering when and where the next convention will be, and this means that we can announce today that we plan on having next year’s convention in Boston!


Open Positions for Convention Staff

Volunteers at SLCC 2010 in Boston.  Image courtesy:  Sitearm

Another lesson we’ve learned is that it requires a committed, professional, well-organized volunteer staff to put on a truly excellent convention. In past years, a few core volunteers would stick around from year to year, but the majority of the planning for each convention was packed into a few short months with a new group of volunteers each year. This meant a real loss of knowledge, experience, and know-how from convention to convention, and this is something we hope to avoid moving forward.

This year, the Executive Board of AvaCon invites the community to join us as year-round planners of the convention. These volunteer staff positions not only provide excellent professional experience, but also the ability to help us shape and continue to transform the convention into the kind of event that Residents want and need. Though the planning is a lot of work, collaborating with terrific people and helping plan the premier “real life” social event of the Second Life calendar is also a ton of fun!

Visit the Open Staff Positions page to see what year-round positions are available, and we invite you to apply.

If you’re not up for a joining the permanent planning team, no worries!  We’ll need plenty of volunteers both on the ground in San Francisco and for the in-world convention, too.

Fewer Tracks, More Cross-Pollination of Ideas

Pooky Amsterdam presents at SLCC 2010 in Boston.  Image courtesy:  rjheyden

Last but not least in terms of broad changes to the convention, we intend to reduce the overall number of program tracks in 2011. In past years, planners didn’t want to leave out any significant community in Second Life, and this led to an increasing number of conference tracks as the years went on. Musicians went in one track, artists in another, educators separate from enterprise users, and so on. The upside to this approach is that the convention clearly covered most major user segments in Second Life, but the downside was that communities remained segregated and missed the opportunity to learn from one another!

This year we’ve reduced the conference tracks from nine (9) to five (5) in the hopes that broader overall categories will help us better learn from each other.  We also hope to encourage more “how to” – the process and concepts of creating in Second Life – and a little less “this is my neat build” sharing.  Though fantastic builds are always wonderful to see and we hope to see many of them at the convention, we also want to see more hands-on demonstrations, interactive sessions, and in-depth learning opportunities for everyone from newbies to experts.

This year’s convention tracks will include:

  • Artistic & Creative Expression
  • Commerce & Marketing
  • Developers & Open Source
  • Public Service & Education
  • Social Experience & Communities

We hope this offers presenters the opportunity to “break out of the mold” and present their ideas to wider and broader Second Life audiences and for more mingling between and among communities than in previous years.

Interested in helping develop one of these new tracks and draft the call for proposals?  Visit the Open Staff Positions page to apply to be a track leader for SLCC 2011!

More Info Coming Very Soon!

We look forward to announcing the exact location and dates of the Second Life Community Convention 2011 next week, and we’ll have more information for sponsors, volunteers, and the call for proposals for presenters very soon.

In the meantime, thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

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Visit the SLCC 2010 Website Archive

As we begin to prepare the website for details about SLCC 2011, we’ve archived the entire website for the 6th Annual Second Life Community Convention which took place from August 13-15, 2010 in Boston, MA at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel.

Visit the SLCC 2010 archive at and stay tuned for details about SLCC 2011!

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