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It is an annual tradition to print an “In Memoriam…” section in the Second Life Community Convention program to honor the loved ones, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that we have lost in the past year.   It is a way to remember and celebrate the lives who have touched ours and to share word of their passing to the greater community.


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In Remembrance – 2010


Garth FairChang (1957-2009)
The Second Life community lost a longtime friend, mentor, former Linden, and co-creator of our world when Garth FairChang passed away in late 2009 of pancreatic cancer. Garth Fairlight was born into Second Life in 2003, where he quickly became an SL Mentor best known for his kindness and scripting advice. He worked with Linden Lab as Nigel Linden from 2004 to 2006, supporting the Teen Grid, building and scripting the train system in the color sims and Northern Continent, and he even built one of the first helicopters in Second Life before vehicle scripting existed. It was during this time that he met and married the former Lizzie Linden, also known as Pituca Chang, and they changed their last names to FairChang as a wedding gift from Linden Lab. Garth was a wonderful friend and he is missed by all who knew him.

Ars Northmead, March 12 2010

Aunnia Wilberg, February 15, 2010

Bluewave Ogee (1959-2009) – Visionary, joyous, luminous, courageous – Leslie Jarmon was a passionate trailblazer for education in virtual worlds, spearheading the University of Texas project with over 50 sims, and co-founding the Educators Coop. Though she passed away after a long battle with cancer, she is still remembered and greatly missed by friends and colleagues from the SLED community.

Daisyblue Hefferman (1948-2010) – If only there were more people like Daisy in this world, it would be a better place. She was a true friend, a gentle and patient lady with a big heart.

Enigma Guardian (1971-2009) – Enigma was lost suddenly and at a very young age from a heart attack. He is greatly missed by his wife, his SL children and everyone else who loved him.

KevinBear Watanabe, March 27, 2010 – KevinBear was a singer/songwriter with songs like Little Avatar Girl and Lullaby that warmed the soul. Many a night was spent at Bear’s backyard campfire pass the mic sessions, relaxing to his music after a long day. KevinBear’s music lives on in several YouTube recordings

Luckie Baily (1986-2009) – Rest in peace, little one. I miss you every day.

Ludinha Kamachi, May 27, 2010

Martha Somerset, June 7 2010

Master Georgia, March 12 2010

Micki Underwood, March 29, 2010 – Micki could rock!! She would often video stream when she played so we could see the person behind the music. The flaming guitar she played showed the beat of her heart and the hearts reflected the depth of her soul. Micki’s music lives on in several YouTube recordings.

Morris Lee Starr (1955-2009) - Morris contributed to the Second Life Holocaust project, and was a chef extraordinaire, including for the Super Bowl XXXII and the Denver Broncos. He was loved by all…

Odysseus Gausmann - We called Odysseus “Odi” although his full name was more apt. He was a serious poet and playwright having just finished a lengthy play about Baudelaire. He was often found at the Open Latte coffee shop either debating surrealism, reciting a poem or playing his guitar for friends and strangers alike. Odi was a bright man with a terribly bright future which was snuffed out at a very young age. We mourn every day for our bright star.

Shala Lemondrop

Taffy Taliaferro (1945-2009) – Taffy Taliaferro was a founding member of the Chilbo Community and a wonderful, loving person. Her vision of supporting entrepreneurs in Second Life inspired the birth of commerce in Chilbo and she will be missed and remembered always.

Trisha Bamaisin, July 10 2009

Trouble McTeague (1974-2009) – Trouble McTeague was the founder and creator of Vision Homes. Outgoing, creative, funny and full of life, she touched the hearts of most anyone that ever met her and she is missed. She leaves us with as many lessons as she taught in life… .take time for yourself, enjoy life… both of them!

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