SLCC General Budget

Attendees often wonder how ticket prices are determined and where their money goes.  In the interests of transparency and to help convention attendees understand the costs associated with running a convention of this size, this general budget explains the basic costs and sources of revenue for the Second Life Community Convention 2010.

Second Life Community Convention 2010 – General Budget

Venue, Food & Beverage $20,000
A/V & Internet $20,000
Programs/Signs/Schwag $8,000
Operating Expenses $10,000
Total Expenses $58,000

Total Ticket Sales $40,000
Sponsorships $23,000
Total Revenue $63,000

Expenses $58,000
Revenue $63,000
Remaining Funds $5,000

How much should I budget to attend SLCC?

Another question we often receive is how much an attendee should budget or save to attend the convention, and the answer varies somewhat depending upon your own preferences.  But as a general guide to help those who need to plan, here is a breakdown of expenses for a typical attendee based on the past few years of attendance:

Registration: $200 to $300

Hotel Stay: $300 to $400 (single occupancy)

Flight or Transportation: $300 to $500 (continental US)

Food & General Expenses: $100 to $200

TOTAL COST TO BUDGET:  $900 to $1400

There are a number of ways to reduce those costs, however, and many attendees manage to attend the convention for substantially less than that by planning ahead and sharing costs with others.

Cost Saving Tips

  • Register for the convention at the Early Bird Ticket price – it’s the cheapest registration!
  • Become a staff member, staff members receive a complimentary registration – see Open Staff Positions!
  • Share the cost of a hotel room with up to 3 other attendees – Find a Roomate!
  • The earlier you book an airline flight, the cheaper the cost will be.  If you’re driving, Organize a Carpool!
  • Lunches are generally provided as part of the convention registration price, but careful planning can lower meal costs considerably to help save on overall cost of attending.


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