Who’s Coming to SLCC11?

Friends at SLCC 08 in Tampa, FL.  Image courtesy:  MrFrans

The best thing about coming to the Second Life Community Convention is getting to meet the people behind the avatars to share real smiles, handshakes, and hugs with each other, so check to see who will be joining us in Oakland!

Note that this list only displays the Second Life names of those who “opted in” to appearing on the page.  If you want your name to appear on the list, be sure to check the box when you register for the convention.

(Adding names to the list is a manual process so if you checked the box but your name isn’t here yet, it will be shortly.  We’ll try to keep up!)

Who’s coming to SLCC 11?

Achilles Emerald

Agent Heliosense

Aislin Keynes

Alain Delpiaz

Alexsis Kamala

Amulius Lioncourt

Annie Obscure

Apollo Manga

Armath Severine

ArminasX Saiman

Ava Seiling

Avalon Crystal

Ayesha Lytton

Bagman Linden

BellaLuna Xigalia

BK Linden

Brena Benoir

Brett Linden

Brooke Linden

Cain Maven

CaliforniaJim Langer

Candy Cerveau

Chad Sawson

Charlar Linden

Chayenn Resident

Chimera Cosmos

Colossus Linden

CoolCat Maximus

Cooper Macbeth

Cybergrrl Oh

Dale Irata

Dani Durant

DB Bailey

Delby Linden

Digit Ditko

Dirk McKeenan

Draxtor Despres

Durian Linden

Eamon McDowwll

Elise Linden

Elphaba Stormcrow

Esbee Linden

Ferd Frederix

Filthy Fluno

Fleep Tuque

Frans Charming

Fredrik Linden

Gez Linden

Hiro Pendragon

Hyacinth Cortes

Hydra Shaftoe

Imnotgoing Sideways

Jaelle Akula

Jaymee Caproni

Jaysin Cooperstone

Jeska Dzwigalski

Jilian Magic

JJ Drinkwater

Jocommo Bullard

Josaphine Cooperstone

Kamilah Hauptmann

Katydid Something

Kim Anubis

Kim Linden

Kiremimi Tigerpaw

Leonidas Linden

Madhavi Linden

maleficent Farshore

Malkavyn Eldritch

Marcia Kjeller

MarkTwain White

Mercille Linden

Mia Kitchensink

Moundsa Mayo

MrE Raynier

Muse Carmona

Myles Dagostino

Mysty Mellison

Naelmiknat Resident

NavanaxSacratus Resident

Nucrilab Monday

Nyx Linden

Opal Lei / Treasure Box

Pamala Clift

Patch Thibaud

Pete Linden

Pixeleen Mistral

Prag Shippe

Quinlan Quimby

Ray Xubersnak

Rhiannon Chatnoir

Richie Carami

Rik Riel

Riven Homewood

Rocky Constantine

Rodvik Linden

rogere Resident

Roland Xavier

RReelika Resident

Rubaiyat Shatner

Runitai Linden

Scott Nestler

Shirley Márquez Dúlcey

Sitearm Madonna

Skip Oceanlane

Smitty Boyau

Stingray9798 Raymaker

Stroker Serpentine

Suzanne Piers

Tasia Tonic

Thadicus Caligari

Thalia Heckroth

The Manx

Thex Lecker

Thunderchild Allen

Tiggs Linden

Tmzasz Luminos

Ute Frenburg

Vandymcnew Copperfield

Veritas Raymaker

Viale Linden

Vogt Linden

Wavinggirlsav Voom

Winter Nightfire

Wordsmith Jarvinen

Yoz Linden

ZeroOne Paz

Zinnia Zauber 

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