Thanks for a Fantastic SLCC 2011!

SLCC – Truly a Community Event!

Many of our organizers are still traveling and we’ve got a ton of emails, tweets, pictures, posts, videos and more to catch up on, but we wanted to send a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Second Life Community Convention 2011 this year, whether you were in Oakland, in Second Life, or on the web!

Thank you for making this year’s convention a terrific success and for helping us connect the community no matter where they were – through Twitter and Plurk and in-world, the conversation extended far beyond the walls of the Oakland Marriott City Center and that’s what makes SLCC and the Second Life community something special.

SLCC 2011 during CEO Rod Humble (SL: Rodvik Linden) keynote.  Image courtesy Richard Finkelstein (SL: Leko Littlebird).  Check out his other great shots from SLCC!

We’ll be compiling all of the video and slide archives from our speakers over the next few days and hope to have that ready for you by the weekend, but in the meantime, you can catch up on some of the buzz in the metaverse about SLCC 2011 from attendees and others – spread the link love and thanks to all who covered the event!

Blog Posts Coverage & Recaps

To see the recaps in a nice visual format, check out our curated topic on – Coverage of the Second Life Community Convention 2011 curated by Fleep Tuque.  But we want to link directly to the posts too, let us know what we missed in the comments!


Attending SLCC 2011 Virtually in Second Life – Honour’s Post Menopausal View

Il prossimo futuro di SecondLife sarà “leggero e tablet” secondo Rod Humble (l’attuale direttore generale) – Virtual Worlds Magazine

Coming Changes in Second Life - Second Life Examiner

Jack London Square; Or: “Adventures in Exploring Real Life (Again)” – Sitearm

Linden to Add Game Mechanics to SL’s New User Experience – New World Notes

Linden Lab Adds SL Content Specialty Roles (Art, Fashion, Games, Etc.) to Product Team – Here’s How to Contact Them – New World Notes

Linden Lab CEO: we’re growing but we’re not sure why – The Metaverse Journal

Linden Lab Launching Separate New SL-Light Experience for Web & Tablets Soon (SLCC 2011 Keynote Highlights) – New World Notes

Linden Lab’s Product Team on JIRA, NPCs, Prims, Exporting Content, and More (SLCC11 Highlights) – New World Notes

Lindens to launch new product for tablets – HyperGrid Business

LL Diversifying? What does that mean?  – Living in a Modern World: Thoughts on Virtual Living

Ozimal Stats: Virtual Animal Business in Second Life Has 1000s of Customers, 30 Employees & 1 Blind Lead Developer – New World Notes

Rod Humble at SLCC 2011 Highlights – Daniel Voyager’s Blog

Rod Humble Gets It About Second Life: SLCC11 Keynote – Second Thoughts

Rodvik at SLCC 2011 – The gist – Living in a Modern World: Thoughts on Virtual Living

SLCC:  LL Commerce Panel Summary – Living in a Modern World: Thoughts on Virtual Living

SLCC 2011 Begins Today – Daniel Voyager’s Blog

SLCC 2011 Day 2 Live Coverage – Daniel Voyager’s Blog

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SLCC 2011 Saturday Notes & Pix – Sitearm

SLCC 2011 Sunday Notes & Pics – Sitearm

SLCC 2011: Underway – Living in a Modern World: Thoughts on Virtual Living

SLCC On the Future of Second Life Commerce – Ciaran Laval

SLCC Wrap Up - Sand Castle Studios

So what were those community gateways?  An answer for Rodvik Linden – Prim Perfect

Thanks, SLCC!  See you next year! – Betterverse: Nonprofits in the Virtual World

Top 5 Highlights of Rod Humble’s SLCC Keynote – Sand Castle Studios

The Future of Mesh: Key Points from SLCC’s Mesh Panel – Sand Castle Studios

The Future of Second Life:  Key Points from the Product Team at SLCC – Sand Castle Studios

The Second Life Community Convention Starts Today, My Keynote Tomorrow AM! – Betterverse: Nonprofits in the Virtual World

Video, Slides and Links from My Keynote “We Built this City” at SLCC 2011 – Betterverse: Nonprofits in the Virtual World

Why So Few People Using SL at SLCC? Probably Because They’re Using Social Media Instead – New World Notes


Pictures & Snapshots

Lots of folks coming back from Oakland haven’t had a chance to upload their photos yet, but some are starting to come in.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Caliburn Susanto’s snapshots from in-world (Flickr)

Chimera Cosmos snaps from Oakland (Yfrog)

Daniel Voyager’s snapshots from in-world (Flickr)

Draxtor Dupres shots (Yfrog)

Fleep Tuque’s Oakland snaps (Flickr)

=IcaruS= in-world snaps (Flickr)

Leko Littlebird’s super high res, super awesome Oakland shots (Smugmug)

Molly Montale’s in-world snaps (Flickr)

Rik Riek’s Oakland snaps (Flickr)

Russel Boyd’s in-world snaps (Flickr)

Simon Kline’s in-world snaps (Flickr)

Sitearm Madonna’s Oakland shots (Flickr)

Stroker Serpentine’s Oakland snaps (Flickr)

Wildstar Beaumont’s pix from in-world (Flickr)

Videos & Machinima

We posted Draxtor’s awesome 5 minute SLCC 2011 video wrap up at the top, but we’ll be adding other videos to the SLCC YouTube Channel, so stop by there to see more video coverage as the clips go up!


If we missed something you’ve created about SLCC 2011, be sure to tag it #SLCC or #SLCC11 or add it in the comments below, and any snapshots of photos can be added to the Second Life Community Convention Flickr Group  so we can collate all of the terrific images from the convention in Oakland and in world in one place!

More to come when we’ve caught up on sleep and all of the feedback – thanks again to everyone and we can’t wait to see you in-world soon!

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