Limited Speaker Release Agreement

Prior to completing this agreement, please be sure that you have read the Limited Speaker Release Agreement FAQ.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us, otherwise, the form is due by July 25, 2011. 

Note that for presentations or performances with more than one person, each presenter or performer must individually complete the form.

Limited Presenter Release Agreement


For consideration of presenting a presentation or performance at the Second Life Community Convention 2011 which I acknowledge, I hereby grant to AVACON, INC. ("AvaCon") and AvaCon's assigns, licensees and successors the following royalty-free rights throughout the world and in perpetuity:

A. The right to use my name, voice, photograph, likeness and biographical information in all forms and media including composite or modified representations for the purposes of promoting, advertising, and archiving the Second Life Community Convention.

B. To photograph, audio, or video record my presentation at the Second Life Community Convention 2011, including all materials prepared or provided by me (collectively, the Program), for the purposes of keeping good records, to promote and publicize future conventions, and to make archives available where possible, with the understanding that all products of such activity will be released to the community and the public under the Creative Commons By Attribution Share Alike Non Commercial license. (CC by-sa-nc US 3.0).

I waive the right to inspect or approve versions of my name, image, voice, likeness, photograph, biographical information, and Program or the written copy that may be used in connection with same in the exercise of the rights granted above.


I hereby release and discharge AvaCon and AvaCon's officers, employees, agents, assigns, licensees and successors from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action that may arise by reason of its exercise of the rights herein including, without limitation, any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity or copyright.

I warrant that I am either the sole owner of all rights in the Program, or that I am authorized to use or present all parts of the Program, and that it does not infringe the copyright or other property rights of any third party, that it does not contain any defamatory material or any factual inaccuracies except that which is stated as a matter of opinion, and that I have full power to convey the rights granted herein. Should my presentation contain content that is the property right of others, I will inform AvaCon as to that content so that it may either be removed or proper copyright may be posted.

The grant contained herein does not limit the right of Speaker to make any other use of his or her intellectual property in any other way not inconsistent with the grant contained herein.

AvaCon is not obligated to utilize any of the rights granted in this Agreement.

I have read and understood this agreement and I am over the age of 18. This Agreement expresses the complete understanding of the parties.

Presenter or Performer's Real Life Full Name.
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